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Buying a New Build Home: New versus Resale (Which is Best?)

If you’ve made the decision to buy a new build home, then first, let us say congratulations! Whether it’s your first home, or your 10th purchase, it’s the first step in an exciting journey.

So what next? Well, before you pour the coffee and spend a good few hours hunting for homes for sale, you will want to decide whether you wish to buy a new home or a ‘old’ new home! Yep, you read that right – a new ‘old’ home!

Due to the continuing growth of new build homes, it’s important to consider whether you’d prefer a ‘brand’ new home or a new build home that may have been built 2, 3 or even 6 years ago.

But how do you decide? Let’s take a look at new versus resale homes to help you work out which is best.

New Build Home – Advantages

#1 Tailored to your taste

No need to compromise on style and taste. You can choose every floor, carpet and even your appliances which will all be fully fitted before you move in. You could even go as far as buying ‘off plan’ so that you can choose the layout too.

There will be no messy workmen when you’re trying to get out the door to work or the kids to school either!

#2 Detailed handover

Most new build providers, like ourselves, will take the time to carry out a detailed handover.

You’ll be walked around your home and talked through all the key features such as heating control, appliance warranties and water shut off points. You’ll even get a manual to refer to too.

Moving day just became so much easier!

#3 No lengthy moving chains

We’ve all heard the stories of lengthy moving chains and completion dates being pushed back due to problems down the ‘chain’.

When buying a new build, there is no need to worry about this, which can dramatically reduce the stress during this process.

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#4 Save on running costs

Take a moment to think about the newest type of phone you can buy right now to one 5 years ago. They are so different, aren’t they? Technology has come on leaps in bounds in a relatively short period of time.

It’s no surprise then, that in that short period of time, a ‘brand’ new build home will be even more energy efficient than one built a few years ago. This can save hundreds in running costs every year.

#5 Peace of mind – warranties

Most new builds will come with lengthy warranties to give you peace of mind. We personally will cover you for ‘snagging’ during the first year of build and then after by a structural warranty.

#6 An Instant Community

You can guarantee that your neighbours will be going through exactly what you are. A unique shared experience which may make it easier to make friends.

#7 Fixed Price

When it comes to pricing, you know where you stand when buying a new build home. While the overall costs will be fixed, you’ll be able to negotiate on specifics such as decor, finishing or the part payment of stamp duty. 

New Build Home – Disadvantages

#1 You can pay a premium

Understandably, and given the advantages of buying a new build home, this can come at premium price.

#2 There may be ‘niggles’

It’s entirely naturally for a new home to need time to embed which may result in what developers call ‘snagging’.

Even though these little fixes may be covered by your warranty, you will need to look out for them and ensure that they are followed up and fixed within the time period set out in your warranty.

New Build Home (Resale) – Advantages

#1 You can research your neighbours

If the new development has been occupied for a few years, you can get a good feel of who your are neighbours are and whether this will fit with your own lifestyle. All before you move in.

#2 Someone else has made those ‘hard’ decorating choices

How many type of taps are there? If you are like me then occasionally it can take you a long, long time to make choices. Particularly when it comes to items that you really care about.

Buying a new build that already has another owners touch of character applied to it’s interior or even the garden, may be the right choice for you.

#3 You have time to apply your own ‘stamp’

Even if you aren’t entirely happy with the existing owners choice of decor, an existing home gives you a little more time to change things.

You can take time to make decisions, allocate funds and take time to enjoy your transformation.

#4 Potential to negotiate on price

With the help of a home survey and Energy Performance Certificate (EPC), you may be able to negotiate on the purchase price with the seller. If the owners are keen for a quick sale or there are a number of other properties available, this could help you secure a great deal.

New Build Home (Resale) – Disadvantages

#1 Sourcing quality tradesmen

If the new build home is near the end of it’s warranty and you decide to put your own stamp on your new home, you’ll need find the right tradesmen and suppliers.

Without someone to guide you through the choices, it will take time to research, get references and negotiate prices. You’ll also need to negotiate those timescales and delivery too.

#2 It may be a waiting game

If you have a development in mind (location) and a wishlist in terms of layout and size, it may take time to find your dream home.

Modern developments can have several sizes and types of houses so you could be in for a long wait time and a competitive bidding process to secure the home of your choice.

#3 Additional costs

In addition to the initial outlay, you’ll need to budget for additional costs such as redecorating if the existing style is not to your taste. And then try to stick to that budget!.

In Summary

The reality is, that when it come to one of the biggest decisions you’ll make in your life, the final decision needs to based around your own preferences and needs. What works for someone else, may not be the right choice for you.

With that in mind, if you’re interested in checking out our current developments then you can find themHERE.

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